How to Make an ACL Fest Totem with Your Kids

The kids loved making a totem for ACL Fest last year, so this year I wanted to try and spread the fun through KXAN’s Studio 512. If you don’t know what a totem is, it’s basically a long stick with something fun and festive attached to the top. They come in very handy in big crowds like the one down in Zilker Park during ACL, and the kids love marching around with it, and planting it at our camp. There are many ways to go about it, like simply poking a hole through a funny puppy pillow; ¬†attaching a flag to a PVC pipe; printing out a giant monarch butterfly, painting it and attaching it to a canvas; or building a crazy blue-headed lady with a slogan attached.

We’ve created a “How to Make an ACL Fest Totem” document with simple instructions on how you and the kids can make your own family totem. Good luck and have fun!



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